Ebly’s story

Ebly's story starts in a farming cooperative in the middle of France. Following their brilliant intuition, the farmers worked for three years with the national research institute INRA to develop a unique and patented pre-cooking process that preserves wheat's nutrional qualities and low glycemic index. Ebly is guaranted to be free of GMOs, artificial coloring, flavors and preservatives and it is 100% from France. Ebly offers the authentic pleasure of eating natural grains of wheat.

Simple, healthy and easy to prepare, this grain has many nutritional benefits and its complex carbs make it a food recommended by nutritional agencies. For Chefs, Ebly is a perfect and natural alternative to rice & pasta, with great nutrition balance. For professionals (Industry & Foodservice), Ebly is a really versatile fast cook ingredient. Great as starters, main courses, salads, soups & desserts, it offers a mass of opportunities. Ebly is a food solution with fast cooking time and economic with an excellent water absorption (x3).


Ebly 500g – English and Arabic packaging – 2014
Now available: Our new bilingual packs mentioning both English & Arabic with new design!
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