Mains blé


Our quality department and our R&D team are working day after day to provide you the most qualitative wheat. Our quality controls, from raw materials to finished goods, are very demanding, allowing you to supply Ebly with no fear.

The geographical proximity of places of culture and transformation (80% of raw materials are coming from less than 50km from the factory) can limit CO2 emissions related to the transport of raw materials. Ebly® has today the know-how of more than 1.000 farmers-partners. They provide Ebly® the best varieties of wheat produced in Beauce.

Ebly® is committed at all levels to promote sustainable development, as packaging are made from recyclable cardboard.

Through our production process, we ensure always the same visual quality, with a good level of yellow color, very tasty and visually attractive to the consumer. We ensure a high product stability during aging: no rancidity and no browning of the product.

Ebly is good for the health of your guests:

  • Natural source of vegetable protein, fiber
  • Low in fat and salt.
  • Compare to other starchy food, Ebly contains:
    • 1.5 times more fiber than pasta.
    • 2.6 times more fiber than white rice.

Ebly is recommended by nutrionists:

  • Ebly is recommended by nutrionists and provide at least 35% of daily energy needs.

Our production methods ensure guaranted results:

  • Ensure a remakable cost per portion (at least 3 times its initial weight after cooking).
  • Ebly never sticks, Ebly has an incredible resistance to excessice cooking.